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We just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us on our wedding day, you went above and beyond. We were told about all the extra stuff you did to help out and we can't thank you enough for your generosity. On top of that, the flowers were BEAUTIFUL! We have had so many compliments. The cake was awesome and the tables looked wonderful too. We were amazed when we walked into the reception; it was better than we ever expected it to be. You helped make our wedding the day of our dreams. Thank you,

Joseph & Danielle Knight


Hi Frankie!

Brian and I just returned from our honeymoon in St. John. i just wanted to give you a big thanks for the beautiful flowers at the wedding. The bouquets were gorgeous, and the table center pieces were fabulous. I recieved many compliments on them! I really appreciate your beautiful work and can't thank you enough. Thanks for making my wedding so beautiful!



Thank you so much for all you did! Everyone commented on the flowers and the great work that you did. You are fantastic and I would recommend you to anyone and everyone! The reception hall looked fabulous! Drew & I are going to write you a letter of recommendation also for you to keep for your files. I am also going to tell Robyn at Middleton to include you on her preferred vendor list. Thanks again and let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I will forward any pictures I get of my flowers or the reception hall.



Wow, you did an outstanding job!! You made my dream come true. It was to the tee of what i had in my mind. I will admit, I was nervous that you did not really know what I wanted because you did not see any pictures & I only described it to you. But you did it and you did it perfectly! I was not sure if anyone could make the Oaks Country Club that winter like & full of sparkle. Up until I walked into the Oaks I was wishing I was having the reception somewhere else, somewhere brighter and cleaner & more new. But you made it look unbelievable. It was the only thing that night that went perfectly right. The only thing I planned that did not have any screw ups & the only thing I would NOT change one bit. A lot of things went wrong, well not according to plan and I was real upset until I got to the Oaks. And I was scared b/c I was thinking on the way there in the limo, What Next?!? I was so relieved that somone got it ALL RIGHT!! You made my Wedding Day. And when I saw the cake I wanted to cry it was so beautiful. And my bouquet, oh my, it took my breath away! I know when I say this you may think I am just saying it b/c it was my wedding but honestly, I feel I had the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen at any other wedding I have been to and out of any magazine I have ever looked at. Everything you did was the prettiest I have ever seen. I did not want my bouquet to die. I wish I had it preserved. Eric thought I was crazy b/c the next day I carried it everywhere & just wanted to stare at it. Thank you so much!!!! You are the greatest!!!!! Thank you so much,

Angela West


You guys are the greatest!!! I can't thank you enough for making my vision a flowers were beautiful. As soon as I get the pictures, I will forward them to you. Eventures will highly recommend you and I know we will be doing business again either in Charleston or Atlanta. ;-) My wedding and reception has brought me a lot of attention... so far 3 potential clients!! Let's keep in touch! Thanks for everything!!!


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